We are located in Santa Fe, Texas about 45 min south of houston off of 45-South, Where we raise a small herd of Registered Fullblood and Percentage Boer Goats. From the begining our main goal has always been in breeding the best quality Boer Goats we can. Our main market has always been the 4H/FFA market weathers, along with Show Quality replacement breeding stock at a fair price. Some
of our foundation bloodlines are: EGGS FILE, RRD Gunsmoke, Downen S118, EGGS RYALS Magnum, TOP GUN no2, CNR Pistolero, DOW Pipline, P&S Farms B26, MAUL Xtender, and recently been working on adding RRD R898 Cannon, RRD Ruger T307, WSTJ EGGS Alive in 2005, Hilltop Nitro, RRD 10B2B AK-47 bloodlines to our small herd, all these bloodlines also are elite members of ABGA's Ennoblement program, and have proven the ability to pass their great genetics down to their progeny. Make sure to check out our 2013 / 2014 kids photo gallery to see how our updated breeding plans turn out.

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J&J Boer Goat Ranch

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As of Dec 1, we have sold 2/3rds of our herd, we have retained a select 15 of our best does and 1) 7 month old buck. Amoung the does left we are breeding 4 of them to 3 differant outside bucks we think will help us move to the next level, and 1 we are doing a flush in mid Jan 2014 for mid june 2014 kids for the spring 2015 County and Major Show Projects. 5 of the does we will breed to out Tsunami grandson in jan also, the remaining does wont be old enough to breed until around June 2014 so we are not sure who they get breed to yet... Please check back to see updated web site in the spring...
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